About Us


The Omnibus Book of Marketing™is a portfolio collection of creatives and marketing service providers. To make it easier for organizations to find marketing help, it is organized and categorized based on a standard set of criteria so providers can be described consistently. Each provider is profiled and described based on this criteria. The goal is to help growing, mid-sized organizations more efficiently and effectively match a potential provider’s capability with their budgets and needs.

Sponsored by Mycroft Strategies™, a strategic marketing consulting agency, the Omnibus Book of Marketingprofiles marketing service providers based on the following areas:

1. Company overview –a description of the company’s product and services and key contact info
2. At-a-Glance profile –demographic information about the company related to its size, projects, reach, references and sectors.
3. Expertise & service profile –a more detailed list of specific services provided categorized based on 4 key marketing elements that include:

Tools N Tactics -Creative execution
Tools N Tactics -Enablement platformss

Mycroft Strategies actively searches out marketing service providers with a reputation for creativity, excellence and the ability to deliver on time. Marketing providers profiled in the Omnibus Book of Marketingcan range in size from a “single-shingle” to a larger corporate entity –they are all bound by a common mission of delighting their clients.

If you know of a provider that should be included in the Omnibus Book of Marketing, please contact Advice@mycroftstrategies.com.