Appendix Terms


With resources limited, it is especially important that marketing team members know and are aligned to a common set of goals. Team members need to know how to correctly prioritize tasks as “to do”, “do later” or “not do.” A cross-functional team brings together functional expertise from different areas of the company with the goal of serving customers. Since members’ primary priorities are aligned with their function, cross-functional team goals need to be simple, clear and approved by their own manager.

A team is a group of people connected to a common goal or purpose. A skilled marketing leader can harness the complementary skills of members by linking complex tasks and projects together so that goals are realized.

Marketing teams have numerous options available to help accomplish goals. Service vendors – such as graphic designers, copywriters, SEO experts, etc. – enhance a team’s functional skills. Software providers – such as marketing automation software, reporting software, etc. – accelerate effectiveness. To select a vendor, marketing teams need to articulate their goals, detail their selection criteria, identify potential partners, manage bidding, selection and negotiation process, kickoff the relationship and manage to success.

TnT – Creative Execution

The design, development and delivery of exhibit and tradeshow booths.

The creation and delivery of visual images, logos and graphics that explain or the adaptation of photo images.

The design, development and delivery of product packaging.

The practice of taking and editing durable images of people, places, products and events for use in marketing materials such as website, advertising, presentations or other collateral.

User Interface (UI) involves designing the way a user interacts with a computer or device to make the entire experience useful. It can involve a wide range of elements including screens, digital or physical buttons, an entire system or application, website and many more.

The design, development, launch and maintenance of websites. This does not include hosting services.